Jenny Jones –
  • I am a native of Newnan and Coweta County and a Newnan High School graduate. I am a member of the Unity Baptist Church of Newnan, the Newnan Coweta Art Association, and was employed with Newnan Utilities for 26 years as the Billing Manager and retired in 2009.  I have two daughters, Aimee and Sarah and Grandchildren Jones, Lilly, and Alana.
  • Needing a hobby in 1999, I began with stenciling and wall murals in my own home.  My mother, being a craft painter, invited me to visit a craft painting class with her.  Soon after, my desire to paint grew and I began to buy woodwork, windows, glass objects, and any other materials using glass paint and acrylics. My mother invited me to an oil painting class in 2000 with the late Marge Groth and then with Jean Westbrook.  I am now teaching classes, which I took after Jean Westbrook stepped down from teaching.
  • I take commissions for oil paintings acrylic, murals, and crafts, including woodwork, metal, glass, and windows.
  • My favorite subjects to paint are landscapes with a lot of color, the ocean, and buildings, especially lighthouses.  Painting is very relaxing to me.  With very much encouragement from my family, friends, and my students I plan to continue my love of painting for many years to come.
  • When I opened Corner Arts Gallery I wanted to have a place where people could come learn something to do that would make them feel good about themselves and also for the Local Artists to have a place to show and sell there works of art.
Nancy Twomey
  • I have been creating jewelry for the last 8-9 years.  I got into the jewelry-making business as a hobby while I was recovering from major foot surgery.  Then I was hooked!
  • I love the colors and combinations beads can make when strung together.  I really like teaching classes to all ages, because I like getting to know people and helping them create a new jewelry piece.
  • Kids are great to work with because it helps them with hand and eye coordination and they are just fun to talk to.  One of my best young, jewelry makers would not sit down in a spot for longer than a minute at home, but when she came to beading class, WOW what a transformation!  She was my best focused, young student I have ever had.
  • I create classes for beginners as well as more experience jewelry students.  I love to do projects that are current with the trend of the day.
  • I also enjoy doing custom orders and have completed wedding pieces for the bride as well as for her bridesmaids.
  • I would love to have you in one of my monthly classes at The Corner Arts Gallery:)
Sandy Mann
  • I teach Quilling classes on the first Saturday of each month at Corner Arts.
  • Quilling is the art of curling paper strips to make different shapes.
  • The shapes are glued together to make flowers, plants, animals, people, etc.
  • These can be used to make cards, pictures, boarders, Christmas ornaments, earrings, etc.
  •  I have been quilling for over 40 years.
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